What is Raspberry Pi and how to use it as home media center

What is Raspberry Pi

What is Raspberry Pi?

Raspberry Pi is a series of microcomputers which are ARMM powered and have the size of a credit card. These small computers are inexpensive, you can get one for around $35 or less and there are two iterations of the product, both of which are focused on delivering an amazing quality and dedicated experience all around. If you were wondering what is Raspberry Pi, then you should have the answer you were looking for!

It’s a product created for hobbyists, educational purposes but it also delivers a great way to design and modify your own projects in any way you want. It delivers a stellar, exciting and professional way to bring in front new possibilities for home computing, automation and programming, something that’s very helpful! It can also be used to create a Raspberry Pi media center which brings in front some exciting new possibilities all the time.

The device supports full HD video playback as well as a variety of great services. It comes pre-installed with Linux but you can choose to modify the OS depending on your needs. As an added bonus, the device includes support for most if not all of the Kodi Add-ons and it also integrates a responsive GUI performance as well.

How to install the Kodi Raspberry Pi?



In order to install the Kodi Raspberry Pi you will need the board itself, as well as a power supply, and a SDHC memory card that will be used to install the software. The idea here is that you should focus on getting a fast, high quality memory card because video decoding is a resource intensive process so getting a better quality product will surely help you!

You need to determine which distribution you need to use, most of the time you will have the opportunity to check out XBian, OSMC and OpenELEC, as these are some great distributions that you will love using quite a lot. You just need to load these up on the memory card and start the installation process which is intuitive and very easy to use.

You can also add some other pieces of software such as Raspbian, CarPC, Tripi, RetroPie, Recalbox and Arch Linux ARM, even Buildroot but that one is for experimental use and not suitable for production!

If you want to install Kodi Raspberry PI with Raspbian a good idea is to check out this detailed article about how you can install and run it properly, see the info at http://michael.gorven.za.net.

There is a possibility to build Kodi Raspberry PI from source, and you can find the detailed build guide at http://not-guild.de/temp/kodi.txt.

Moreover, if you need such a thing, you have the possibility to add in and configure Kodi to run on with Retropie, more info can be found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MyeCQS7ITnU!

With this article you should have a good understanding of what is Raspberry Pi and how you can use it, but also some solid information of how you can configure it with a variety of tools. Follow these instructions and links to make the most out of your Raspberry Pi and you will be amazed with the results!