Choosing The Right Raspberry Pi SD Card

raspberry pi sd card


8GB SanDisk Extreme Pro SD Card – Fully Compatible with Kodi for Raspberry Pi

Whenever I purchase SDCards, I always check for three foremost things- speed, memory size, and format. So, of course, when I had to buy Raspberry Pi SD Card for my model 2, I examined following three factors:

Physical Size: The SD cards come in different sizes, of which Standard SD card is the one with the largest size. The Raspberry Pi Media Center in its initial models generally used this size. However, it is recently replaced by B+ 512Micro Kodi Raspberry Pi SD card version. After performing adequate research, I established that most of the Raspberry Pi quad core models deploy Micro SD Card format that are normally used in mobile phones and various other small electronic gadgets entailing small storage equipment.

Speed: Another important aspect is the speed since how quickly an SD card runs data is very critical. With a faster Raspberry Pi SD Card, data can be transferred very quickly with no buffering whatsoever! Since Kodi Raspberry Pi 2 mainly makes use of an SD card as a hard drive for storing information, it is very much recommended to select an ultra-high speed card while executing the installation of the device.

Capacity: The third important criterion is capacity. This is because of the fact that an SD card retains information in order to runa Kodi Raspberry Pi operating system together with its multiple applications, so the cards with small capacities would not be compatible with Raspberry Pi Media Center to work adequately. Hence, most often an 8 GBSD card is recommended by the experts.

Keeping the above mentioned factors in mind, I decided to buy SanDisk 8GB Extreme Pro Raspberry Pi SD Card, which brings outstanding data speed, thereby enabling faster multitasking, smoother application performance, and seamless high definition video recording or gaming and photo editing. Some of the key specifications of 8GB SanDisk Extreme Pro Raspberry Pi SD Card includes:

  • 8GB capacity
  • 95MB/s performance
  • 59″ x 0.043″ x 0.03″ dimensions
  • Easy compatibility with every microSDHC supporting devices
  • Shock Proof
  • Water Proof
  • X-Ray Proof
  • Records all full high definition (HD) as well as 3D videos
  • Added in-built security to prevent accidental loss of data

On the last note, I would really recommend this SD card for people looking for ready-to-use plug-in memory card delivering top-of-the-line speed and excellent performance.

Overall, it’s a good product offering good value.