Choosing the right Raspberry Pi software for KODI

raspberry pi software

Building your Raspberry Pi media center is only the first step to enjoying all the functions and features of this wonderful device. Now you have to choose the appropriate Raspberry Pi software for it to operate with your device. Of course, you will have numerous options when looking for an optimal Raspberry Pi software. However, some are better and simpler than others, which makes them more convenient and recommendable.

Definitely, go with NOOBS

Raspberry Pi NOOBS is, by far, the easiest way to install a software in your device. As you might know, the word “noob” refers to someone who has zero experience at something. Apart from being a reference to this term due to its simplicity, NOOBS actually stands for New Out of Box Software. Raspberry Pi NOOBS will allow users to install any Raspberry Pi software they desire with just a few clicks. If you like things simple and fast, you should definitely choose this option as Raspberry Pi NOOBS will make things infinitely easier. If you want to learn how to install and use Raspberry Pi NOOBS, head this way.

Now you can choose your Raspberry Pi software

Now that you have downloaded Raspberry Pi NOOBS, you can start thinking about choosing an appropriate software. Keep in mind some are simpler than others, so the decision must be based on your needs and preferences.


This is one of the most popular Raspberry Pi software out there. When evaluating a Raspberry Pi software, you have to bear in mind three key aspects:

  • Difficulty and simplicity when installing
  • Speed
  • The main interface

Regarding the first point, OSMC is a good option, as it has a simple installer which makes things much easier. This is a huge advantage for people who are new to Raspberry Pi software.

On regard of the speed: OSMC takes 15.8 seconds to boot up, 22 to import movies, 0.7 to open the library and 3.1 to make a Youtube search. These are pretty good numbers for a Raspberry Pi software.

Unfortunately, the interface of OSMC is a little bit confusing, which definitely is a downside for new users. Although it may take some time to master, it is a pretty decent option.


Of course, the installation will be pretty easy if you have acquired Raspberry Pi NOOBS previously. If not, the installation of this Raspberry Pi software can be a little tricky and confusing.

This one is pretty slow compared to OSMC: 38.8 seconds to boot up, 82 to import movies, 1.7 to import your library and 22 to do a Youtube search.

The main interface is pretty simple and user-friendly, so you won´t have problems with that.


This has been considered, for ages, to be the default Raspberry Pi software everybody should have. The truth is it has been improving since its release, but it is not the most recommendable of them all.

Since last year, this Raspberry Pi software has received countless improvements in the interface, so now it is far more user-friendly and simple to use. You will also notice it has been made faster and more powerful. This Raspberry Pi software is better for beginners who are just learning how to use the Raspberry Pi. With its improved speed, interface, and RAM, it will be suitable for anyone in their learning process.


This is, definitely, your best option if you want to set up a compelling Raspberry Pi media center. It is incredibly easy to install when using Raspberry Pi NOOBS, so you will have no problems with that.

Regarding the speed of this Raspberry Pi software, this one is also incredibly fast and reliable: 15.2 seconds to boot up, 35 to import movies, 1.0 to open your library and 3.6 to do a Youtube search. As you can see, it boots up faster than the OSMC.

The interface of this Raspberry Pi software is incredibly simple and works perfectly with KODI, so your Raspberry Pi media center will work amazingly.

All in all, we can say your best option is to install and use OpenELEC Through Raspberry Pi NOOBS as this is, by far, the easiest and simplest way to enjoy your media center.